Call-In Line


Have a question?

Well now you can call in and have Linda Dillon answer your spiritual question.

Step 1. Call this number: (772) 202-0616

Step 2. When prompted by the beep, please provide us with your name, where you’re located (I live in Phoenix, or I live in Minnesota), and the message or question you want to ask. For instance, “Hi Linda, this is Micki from eastern Tennessee, and I’m wondering … (question here).

When recording your question, please speak in a casual, conversational tone and at your normal volume – like you’re simply asking your question aloud in conversation with Linda.

When you finish your question, hang up. If you have more than one question, hang up after the first one … and then call back, starting the process over again from the beginning to ask your second question.

If you get stuck or make a mistake, just hang up and call back in to do it again.

That’s it! You have 3 minutes to record your message.

Note: Not all questions may be answered. Linda will select those that fit a particular topic for a podcast, and may use your question for a future show. by using our call-in number you consent for us to use your voice and message on our podcast, or other mediums such as this website.

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