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What are the benefits of hosting a program on SpiritBroadcast.com?

There are many benefits to hosting a program on SpiritBroadcast.com, including:

  • Leveraging the power of the Internet to fulfill your outreach goals and connect with an online audience unlimited by time and distance.
  • Expand your audience through Internet “attendance” of your program. Your website will be highlighted during your programs and in the archives, attracting a worldwide audience.
  • Access to technology. In addition to listening through computers, your program can also be accessed through other wireless applications such as iPods, MP3 players, smartphones, mobile devices, and more.

SpiritBroadcast.com provides the following:

  • A Web page dedicated to your program with a unique url. This page will include program graphics, host bio, your product ad, email address, and link to your personal/business website. See example.
  • The creation of unique graphics branding your program. See example.
  • The creation of unique audio elements (opener, closer, rejoiner, and sponsor tag) using professional voice talent.
  • A program promo that will be in rotation on the network and will be broadcast randomly during other programs.
  • A product/service radio spot to promote your product/service to your listeners.
  • A banner ad of your product and service on your program page as well as in rotation at the home page.
  • Technical training with our engineers to ensure sound quality, and transmission of finish audio to our servers.
  • All program episodes are available from your program page. Listeners can stream the audio or download as an MP3.
  • Listeners can access your program archives via a dedicated RSS feed, iTunes syndication, or Stitcher syndication.
  • Your fans can listen to your programs live via the website or mobile device using Stitcher or Live 365 smartphone apps.
  • Links to your guests’ website may be included in each episode description.


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